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Fashion Show Haute Couture On Aura Tout Vu Paris SS 2011

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DPP_0002.jpg Press Release : Fashion Show On Aura Tout Vu Paris Spring Summer 2011  

Since the dawn of time humans have always cherished the sweet dream of flying, to rise into the air to imitate the birds, showing the man's desire to go ever further. From Icarus to Leonardo de Vinci through Clement Ader, the dream of flying became a reality.

It is this dream that Livia Stoianova Samouilov & Yassen, the two creators of On Aura Tout Vu Paris staged during their last fashion show. The Haute Couture Collection Spring - Summer was presented Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 85 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, during Fashion Week in Paris.
Designers materialize this world giving us a collection feathered and dreamlike all sprinkled with humor.

Braving the weather, artists and fashionista were appointments to make their flights. On this occasion we saw the King of “Haute Coiffure” in the person of Charlie Le Mindu, or both sisters Coco & Breezy New Yorkers come from another galaxy dressed their glasses straight out of a parallel world. Moreover, it was possible to see the very talented artist Blanca Li, Julie Judd, and Victoria Bedos.


For this show, the creative duo collaborated again with renowned partners such as House Caron, Swarovski, House Hinai Japanese silk, lace or Andrew Lauds and the furrier Jean Terzakou.

The day could not end like this, friends, journalists, fashionista, and influential people in the blogosphere as Hamilton Percevalties or Modeuses Charlie flew to Paris for the famous VIP Room in the Rue de Rivoli, to celebrate this new collection. During the after-show feathers were obviously in the spotlight, and the guests could see or discover the works of the parade. Was an opportunity to lose his feathers in the company of designers, under the turntables of DJ Valentin Laroche Joubert. 


Brand History : www.onauratoutvu.tv

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